Looking for something to do in Melbourne these holidays?

We are visiting the venues below - come and say hi!

Date Time Location Activity
Sep 24th – 27th 10am – 2pm Horsham Plaza, Horsham Victoria Various Activities
Oct 1st 10:15am and 11:45am Bridge Road Community Centre, Melton Science Shows
Oct 2nd 10:30am, 12pm and 2pm Werribee Library Slime Sessions
Oct 2nd 10:30am Wodonga Library Science Show
Oct 3rd 11am 150 Sunset Views Boulevard, Tarneit Science Show
Oct 3rd 2pm Point Cook Library 1-21 Cheetham Street, Point Cook Science Show
Oct 4th 10:30am Ascot Vale Library Worms Session
Oct 4th 2pm Niddrie Library Worms Session
Oct 5th 10:30am Manor Lakes Library Science Show
Oct 5th 2pm Glen Eira Libraries

Holiday Programs and Workshops

make your holidays more sciencey...

We have heaps of workshops that are ideal for holiday programs and events. Please contact us if you would like Twisted Science to bring our Programs to your venue or if you would like more information about what we can offer.

If you would like to attend a Twisted Science Event, please contact us to see where we will be visiting in the coming weeks.


Super Sleuth

For those who like their science forensic!

Participants use fingerprints, chromatography, codes and DNA to help solve the most devious of strawberry theft crimes.

Duration: 90 mins
Recommended Ages: 8-14
Numbers: Maximum 30


It’s a Wave!

We look at light and sound waves and create funky “fireworks glasses” that split white light in to all the colours of the rainbow, before constructing a quacking cup to amplify sound waves.

Duration: 60 mins
Recommended Ages: 5-12

ozobot 1


We’ll introduce you to coding with Ozobots. Discover how they collect information and have your robot follow your hand drawn codes. These robots are super reactive and so much fun!


Duration: 60 mins
Ages: 8 -14
Participants: Maximum 20

Bubble mania


Kids make their own fascinating bubble making machines to take home before sculpting bubbles and finishing with some GIANT bubble magic.

Duration: 60 mins
Age: 5-12


Get Slimed

Get slimed with our gross Slime Workshop. Test tubes, pipettes and syringes are used to make our bouncy, stretchy, gooey slime.

Our Presenters are experts at keeping it all under control and we have done this in heaps of libraries and schools so don’t worry – it can be done anywhere!

Duration: 60 mins
Recommended Ages: 5 – 12
Recommended Numbers: Maximum of 30


Sparks and Quarks

We start with a hair-raising experience with Vinnie our Van de Graaff Generator before moving on to exploration of our specially made oversized circuit boards. Covering both static and current electricity this is a great workshop for those who love to build and experiment.

Can you make the ultimate circuit?

Duration: 60 mins
Recommended Ages: 8-14
Participants: Maximum 30

Twisted Science-13

Fizzle and Pop Show

The Fizzle and Pop Show is full of the magic of science with fun, creative demonstrations.

With plenty of hands-on opportunities for willing participants and heaps to see and wonder about, the audience is always fully engaged with our Scientwist presenters throughout!

Duration: 30 min or 60 min show
Recommended Ages: 1-101
Rec. No. Participants: 15 – 200 +

Got an event and need some kids entertainment?

We’ve got some great workstations that are just the thing for your big day

Workstations? What is it?

Workstations are a fantastic way to engage a huge number of people at public venues, children’s festivals and shopping centres. The ScienTwists direct the construction of take-home science creations over a 15 min period.

Groups of between 12-20 participants continually cycle through the selected Workstation activity, a blast for kids and adults alike!


Still the best slime but make it the quickfire way!


Diffractive grating glasses turn white light in to rainbows


Make your own ball
and bounce them high


Our simple and fascinating bubble making machines


Get creative with Tie Dye
colour wheels!


Amazing paper folding science. How many sides does it have?